Kalamazoo Oil Company

Kalamazoo Oil Company, since 1947

Who We Are

Since 1947 Kalamazoo Oil Company has provided service to countless area residents and businesses. Founded by Bernard Sonnevil and Marinus OnderLinde the beginning years of operation featured White Rose products and En-Ar-Co motor oils from the National Refining Company. In the 60's Kalamazoo Oil sold Leonard dishes, Mort Neff memorabilia and S&H green stamps. The 70's saw a change to Sunoco with "Sun" heating oil and the Sunoco blend pump offering 5 octane choices of gasoline from the Economy 190 to Super Premium 260.

Through the years Kalamazoo Oil has endured many challenging times including a 1960 tornado that ripped off the office and warehouse roof, the energy crisis in the late 70's, the kerosene selling frenzy after the 1985 New Year's Eve ice storm, delivering in blizzard weather conditions and today's management of volatile fuel pricing and product availability. Owners, Susan, Charlotte, and Dave Sonnevil continue their dedication offering personal service in the delivery of heating oil, diesel, gasoline and lubricants. This long term, family business has provided seventy three years of dependable service under the same name and ownership.

Six Decades of Change

  • 1940's

    1947 - Kalamazoo Oil company begins operation on Eleanor Street under the ownership of Bernard Sonnevil and Marinus OnderLinde distributing White Rose fuels and National Refining lubricants.

  • 1950's

    1951 - Kalamazoo Oil Company builds new office and warehouse facilty at 2601 North Burdick Street.

    1953 - Kalamazoo Oil Company becomes a distributor of Leonard products.

  • 1960's

    1960 - A June tornado strike causes major damage to office and warehouse facility on North Burdick Street.

    1962 - Kalamazoo Oil Company becomes a distributor of Sunoco products.

    1965 - Major building expansion takes place with additional office and warehouse space.

    1968 - Charlotte Sonnevil joins office staff.

  • 1970's

    1970 - David Sonnevil graduates from Western Michigan University after completing their Petroleum Distribution Program and begins his career with Kalamazoo Oil Company.

    1971 - Marinus OnderLinde retires.

    1972 - Susan Sonnevil joins office staff.

  • 1980's

    1982 - David Sonnevil becomes President and Susan Sonnevil becomes Secretary/Treasurer of Kalamazoo Oil Co.

    1986 - Bernard Sonnevil deceased.

    1987 - Charlotte Sonnevil becomes CEO of Kalamazoo Oil Co.

    1988 - Kalamazoo Oil Co. begins operation of their exclusive commercial cardlock fueling program.

  • 1990's

    1990 - Kalamazoo Oil Co. becomes a Pacific Pride franchisee expanding their commercial cardlock fueling program.

  • 2000's

    2009 - Burdick Street tank farm is upgraded with state of the art storage tanks and monitoring systems.

    2009 - Charlotte Sonnevil receives Michigan Petroleum Association "Pioneer Award" for 40 years of service in the petroleum industry.

    2010 - David Sonnevil receives Michigan Petroleum Association "Pioneer Award" for 40 years of service in the petroleum industry.

    2012 - Susan Sonnevil receives Michigan Petroleum Association "Pioneer Award" for 40 years of service in the petroleum industry.

  • Six Decades of Change:

    2019 - Kalamazoo Oil Co. acquires Vicksburg based Ackerman Oil Company.

Our Team

Charlotte - Kalamazoo Oil CEO


CEO and member of the office staff.
Dave - is co-owner Kalamazoo Oil


As co-owner Dave has dedicated 50+ years of hands on experience to the operation of Kalamazoo Oil.
Susan - Susan is co-owner Kalamazoo Oil


With 45+ years experience, Susan is co-owner and offers personalized assistance in many areas of the business operation.
Kathy - Kalamazoo Oil - A part of the Kalamazoo Oil office team


Luanne has 38 years of experience in the petroleum business. As office manager she offers outstanding customer service.
Ruth - Kalamazoo Oil Office Member


BZ is our lead fuel delivery driver and meets all customer needs with individual care and a smile.


1996 - 2008 Dixie CBD (Chief Bone Counter) and diligent on site security.


2006 - 2018 Winnie has 4+ years of paws on experience and over saw all business activities relating to food.