Kalamazoo Oil Company

2601 N. Burdick St.

9950 Shaver Rd.

3601 Covington Rd.

225 Elm St.

Kalamazoo Fleet Fueling Inc.

Kalamazoo Fleet Fueling Inc.

Kalamazoo Fleet Fueling has been a dedicated Pacific Pride franchisee since 1990. With a wealth of knowledge the KFF team arranges individual fleet fueling programs and maintains each customer with outstanding 24/7 customer service. Pacific Pride is a recognized leader in the commercial fueling industry offering a superior level of reporting, security and peace of mind for fleet managers and business owners. There is an extensive network of Pacific Pride fuel sites throughout Michigan and the U.S.

Kalamazoo Oil Company, since 1947

Fleet Fueling Locations

Kalamazoo Oil Co. 2601 N. Burdick Street, Kalamazoo, MI

2601 North Burdick Street,

Kalamazoo MI 49007

Located 2 miles north of downtown Kalamazoo. Diesel Exhaust Fluid in 2 1/2 gallon jugs can be purchased Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
3601 Covington Road, Kalamazoo MI 49001

3601 Covington Road,

Kalamazoo MI 49001

3/8 mile south of 1-94/Sprinkle Rd interchange. (Exit 80) Spacious fuel site with excellent truck access and Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispenser.
9950 Shaver Road, Portage MI 49024

9950 Shaver Road,

Portage MI 49024

Located in south Portage at intersection of Shaver Rd. and Oakland Dr. Also on site is PrideMart Convenience Store which offers beverages, snacks, grocery items, ATM, air. We have 90 Octane Recreational Gas (Ethanol Free).
225 Elm St. Schoolcraft MI

225 Elm Street,

Schoolcraft MI 49087

2 blocks east of US-131 at southern end of Schoolcraft.

Our Team

Duane - Vice President of Operations


Duane has been in the petroleum business in various capacities for 36 years. He has been Kalamazoo Fleet Fueling Vice President of Operations for 20 years.
Amanda - Staff Member


As Kalamazoo Fleet Fueling Manager, Amanda offers knowledgeable and friendly customer service and she performs all bookkeeping duties.
  • 2601 North Burdick St, Kalamazoo MI 49007 (269) 342-9638
  • 9950 Shaver Rd, Portage MI 49024 (269) 342-9638
  • 3601 Covington Rd, Kalamazoo MI 49001(269) 342-9638
  • 5233 South 9th St, Kalamazoo MI 49009(269) 342-9638
  • 225 Elm St, Schoolcraft MI 49087 (269) 342-9638
Kalamazoo Fleet Fueling Inc.

(269) 342-9638

2601 North Burdick St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

8am - 4pm Mon - Fri EST